Five tips to make your content creation process more productive

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It’s important to have a certain way of creating content. Personally, I’m always faced with the dilemma of not having sufficient time for the type of content I would like to create. However, proper time management ensures that you will always create time for what truly matters. This article is just a guide to help you ensure that your content creation process is truly productive, and so that you can make the most out of the time you set out for it.

Batch producing content does not mean that you must have an entire day set out for it. Even if it’s just a few hours you have, ensure you use that time to create content that will serve you for an extended period of time, not just a day.

Take note, you may be in a position where you don’t have maybe 6 hours or more strength of time to create content. This shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, it’s not compulsory that you create an entire months’ worth of content in one day. It may be a week’s worth, or two. Most importantly, set out the largest chunk of time you can at once and create for as many days/weeks as possible.

When batch producing content, be careful not to do it in a way that leads to burnout. For instance, I prefer recording all the videos I have planned for the day, and finish that’s before moving to editing. If I decide to edit each video after I shoot, it might reduce the quality of my work quickly and make me tired easily. However, if this works for you, fine. But just avoid anything that would lead to fatigue faster than usual.

This is a very tricky rule to follow given that batch creation takes up a long stretch of our time at once. But if you really love creating your content, you would agree with me that it usually takes longer in this parlance to feel fatigued. However, learn to batch create according to what your mind and body can handle. Because going beyond this would reduce the quality of your work over time, and what’s the point of being stressed out for low quality work?

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You’re not going to receive magical inspiration every single time you want to write an article or record that podcast. And of course, it’s expected that you have your goals listed out and your strategies of content creation for the week or month. But you still need a mood board, or what I sometimes call an “idea board” based on the way I personally use mine. It’s basically where I keep all the novel ideas that could help me spice up my content creation process, like a new song I heard that I would like to use as the background music for my latest podcast. Your mood board should be clearly visible to you every single day, especially when you want to create content. It helps bring out the inspiration and motivation slowly, even on days when you don’t feel like it.

In 2020, when I started being intentional about my Instagram content, I would create a post and send it out, and then follow up with the comments and likes as they came in.
That was draining, and of course nobody should ever do that. As a creator, understand the importance of being ‘in your zone’ when you work. Learn to shut out all forms of distractions and just focus on what you’re writing, saying, or doing. Treat your creation process like you’re making a masterpiece, because that is exactly what it is. And even when you’re done, your brain needs to rest from all the exertion, so don’t look for an immediate distraction. Rest first and recover, because you need it.
In all of this, don’t forget to work within a specific time frame so you don’t lose so much time without getting the necessary work done.

I really hope something here helped.

Thanks for reading!



I write about my journey as a creator and habits that have helped improve my productivity and accomplish set goals.

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I write about my journey as a creator and habits that have helped improve my productivity and accomplish set goals.